Sometimes i think that a man can not live without a jean and i do not know who invented the jean but a man should has them a lot. It symbolizes youth, rebelliousness, energy of life, comfortableness and chicness. Of course today a lot of things has been changed about fashion and wearing a jean is one of them. It is not only necessary for daily life but also you can wear it in some important events and even at work. May be ten years ago we could not imagine wearing a jean with a brogues but now, we do it. Jeans can be skinny and distressed but let us not exaggerate it. Because too skinny jeans do not look smart. Stonewashed and dark colour jeans generally can be perfect. By the way now that we are talking about jean, i can not skip this part without thank James Dean. May be without him something would be different. Because he who did show up “Rebel Without A Cause” wore that jean and t-shirt and made those youth’s traditional clothes. Wearing a jean and t-shirt stream spreaded to the whole world after “Rebel Without a Cause”. (James Dean: The Mutant King, By David Dalton)


A basic t-shirt can always be a life saver. You can wear it with a jean which is a great combination especially for the street style and i think black and white are always the best choice. Those main colours are elegant and noble and they can fit everthing. Even if you need a formalwear, you can wear it under your jacket.

My personal choice is v-neck with t-shirts because v-nick gives you sexier and muscular looking because it gives your chest prominence.

Black Leather Jackets

If there is a timeless thing, that is a black leather jacket. A black leather jacket always makes you look cool and hot and it is perfect for the street style. The black leather jacket you wear must be fit on you. On the contrary you might lose all cool looking.

Besides these, the black leather jacket gives you a tough and mysterious look and i think there is no guy would not like this.

As regards to footwear, you should wear – off course no matter the season –  a chukka boots in black leather and as an accesory a black sunglasses can be the complementary.


Shortly here your autumn street style is a jean – preferably dark colour -, black or white v-nick t-shirt, black leather jacket and black leather chukka boots. If you want, you can complete it with black sunglasses.


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