What Have We Learned From Ian Somerhalder

ian-somerhalder 1

What have we learned from Ian Somerhalder who is a model every men want to be like him and has been a style icon with his style for men.

He is a man who can make nine out of ten women fall in love himself. Especially made a big fame with Vampire Diaries serial Ian Somerhalder when gets women’s look full of compliment as to men’s look full of  jealousy and envy, his style integrated with himself and been a style for men. Okay, we (men) what can we learn about this boy’s style who made millions of women fall in love himself. Let us take a look.

Black Undershirt

Black undershirt that is very practical for street style in summer time and gives a hot look to men no clothes can do. Of course, to has a body that can take it is vitally necessary too.

ian-somerhalder 2

Black Leather Jacket

I always say that if there is a timeless tire, it is black leather jacket. Black leather jacket which never goes out and always gives a cool and hot look, is an indispensable for Somerhalder’s style too.

ian-somerhalder 3


Fedora which can be worn both sportswear and formal wear and it is functionel to wear summer or winter. It is an aegis for cold in winter and for sun in summer time and also it gives a so cool look with sportwear too. Ian Somerhalder looks like he knows it too.

Ian-Somerhalder 4

Basic T-shirt

Basic t-shirts are both very functional for wear them and it is an easy way to look smart. One can wear it not only for sportswear but also one can wear it under a jacket to get a formel look. You should prefer v-nick because v-nick t-shirts gives you sexier and muscular looking because it gives your chest prominence. It is not surprising Somerhalder prefers v-nick.

ian-somerhalder 5

Dark Colour Jean

Dark colour jeans both fit eveything easyly and it is successful to get a cool looking. May be that is why Somerhalder wears it. Because when men wear dark colour clothes women like it which is a true.

ian-somerhalder 6

Black Leather Boots

Now boots are not just for the winter time and they are an indespensable stuff for Ian Somerhalder too. Somerhalder who prefers black leather boots and gets cooler looking when tucking his narrow leg jean in his boots.

ian somerhalder 7