A photo from narrow streets where are old stone houses.

Who does not want to go away from this world and imigrate to a different land for a while with some magic, some fascination or with sprayed some fairy powder. In fact, it is not that hard to escape those tale lands where as adults, we escaped when we were children. At least Ayvalık holiday that provided me with impression, i experienced last summer.

It is famous its narrow streets and boulderings as different from Turkey’s ordinary streets. When you walk these streets, generally think that you are in Italy, however; because of these streets full of old Stone and with bay window houses and not to be twilit and darksome unlike the italy that image immediately can be gotten lost. Certainly you must sit down one of cafes in these narrow streets and eat legendary Ayvalık toast and drink some those celebrated lemonades. I have to confess when i was sitting at one of these cafes and drinking my lemonade, i got an incredible inspiration and will of writing. I thought that: “i wish that i did not have to work and i could live here and write my novels.” The city has an unbelievable romantic aura which gives people inspiration for doing something.

Sometimes, when walking those narrow streets which expect to come to light, you can not decide to which street you should go. The city is famous historical doors as much as historical homes. When one who is looking at those doors or taking a Picture of them, can not stop think about who get in or get out of those doors with which moods and what happened in those homes until now.

Its market place which is set up on Thursdays and makes welcome especially Grecians, is so famous. There is a store which is on that market place’s way is sold handmade objects certainly should be seen. That store where has being run by a Spanish Lady, there is certainly something you will want to buy (i think a lot of things) from those original objects.