James Dean

There is a moment when someone shows up and brokes the rules. That someone who shows up, is too unusual and turns to a legend, makes to write his name to the history. And James Dean is a man who succeed it. So, what is that makes him so special? Is his extraordinary personality? And, what is that makes his personality extraordinary? Extraordinary lifes make extraordinary personalities. If a success story and creative product come out the world; there must be something wrong. Did his extraordinary personality not begin such an atmosphere? His mother’s death deeply affected him when he was nine. Did his different life from the other children not make extraordinary personality in him? He lost his mom when he was too young and his dad left him to the his relatives’ house. When the other kids were living with their mom and dad; he was living with his relatives. A child who never can get comfortable with his/her relatives no matter what nice they are, can not be peaceful and consciously/unconsciously always sees as a plus yourself. That is why, he was not thinking his life was “normal”. Therefore, he wanted to succeed something. “To succeed”… That means that making real the American dream. He had a deal like prove himself, being successful and show it everybody. Because of life he had he needed to prove something both himself and others. Of course, it was not an easy way which goes to success. Because, it is never easy to get success for somebody like him who gets limited financial support. Furthermore, he was all alone on this way. Was he not touching on so alone he was by letters he wrote? New York City where he came to success something, was full of difficultness of the way of celebrity. On the one hand, working temporary jobs with low pay for long hours on the other hand, trying to be an actor. Living in starvation and extreme poverty, not can wear like other young men, not can be one of lax and cheerful young people, in other words, being different, not can be like them. And extraordinary personality and desire of success comes into play right there. As a result, a success story and legend come up with his celebrity in Hollywood. He has that immortality which he always wants in a sense. Did he not say: “If a man can bridge the gap between life and death, if he can live after he’s died, then maybe he was a great man. Immortality is the only true success.” Good bye james Dean. Good bye that commited your young and hot blooded manner and your dejected and fragile eyes to our memory.


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