I can say that Tom’s Midnight Garden was the best movie i have ever seen in my whole childhood and life. Today, when i feel bad sometimes, even think about this movie makes me feel better.

What is that makes so special this movie? I suppose, if a movie takes you away from this world to another place; it is successful and Tom’s Midnight Garden took me away to another place which is incredible and today after all these years, i can still get better just thinking about this movie.

Tom without mom and dad, love and compassion which he found his uncle and aunt, that cute and historical house which returns back old form with old people used to live there every midnight, orphan and little girl who comes every midnight used to live that house, sincerely friendship with her which is out of space and time, his friend whom writes about all of these in short, it is an amazing film of which allures me with everything.

Because, there is too real and sincere something in the film. Too sincere something… It is kind of something was there which we could not find in the real world. Does that not make us to ascape and go away from this world? Although there is sadness because of orphan children and some emotional abuse, real love and friendship can success to overshadow this sadness.

Cihan Serdaroğlu


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